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AGA Cooker Conversions

With the most popular AGA cooker models being gas or oil fueled, energy bills in households have been increasing due to the rising cost of fossil fuel. Instead of going through the time-consuming and stressful efforts of selling your existing gas or oil fuelled AGA then buying a new one, did you know that you could simply convert your AGA cooker model to 13-amp electric? 

Range Cooker Servicing are Cornwall's leading specialists in 13-amp electric AGA cooker conversions. Converting your cooker is not only easier and costs less, it also comes with a range of benefits including lower running costs and versatility in the kitchen.

Some of these benefits include: 

  • No more frequent servicing
  • No chimneys or flue
  • Oven thermostat controls the heat to your desired level
  • It's cleaner and friendly to the environment
  • Reduce consumption of fuel
  • Reduce energy bills
  • More flexibility in positioning in your house 

hot plates on an aga cooker

The amount of energy that the 13amp electric AGA uses is comparable to that of an electric kettle. It's advisable that AGA should be on its own circuit since sockets aren't designed for this category of a load. 

The way the cooker works is similar to AGA fuelled by oil or gas, but the difference is that an electric element tops the heat up. Conduction and convection gently spread the warmth to the ovens and hot plates using air, which is circulated repeatedly. The electric AGA cooker also doesn't have products of combustion to exhaust hence no wastage of heat. The system is just efficient - it never disappoints.

Converting your cooker is the best thing you need to consider, as it is environmentally friendly and we can convert almost any size and fuel type AGA cookers. If you think a conversion may be beneficial, you can always feel free to contact us. Our electric AGA conversion services are available across Cornwall from our central location in Redruth.

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