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AGA Beginners Guide

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  • 28-08-2018
AGA Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide To Your AGA Range Cooker

Whether you have committed to a purchase or inherited one, the AGA range cooker is joyous to own. As a newbie AGA owner, we share your excitement of the unknown. You might be also be confused as to how you can adapt to the AGA lifestyle. Worry not! We have put together a brief guide on how your AGA works, what you need to know as an AGA owner and to follow, a series of cooking guides on how to make the most of your AGA.

How an AGA works  

An AGA works on the principle of heat retaining: a low, constant heat is transferred from a central core of cast iron to the hotplates and ovens, meaning the cooker is ready to use at any time without waiting for it to heat up. Depending on the model, AGA cookers will have from one to five ovens, each at a different temperature. You select the oven to use depending on the type of food you want to cook. Despite constantly generating heat, the outer casting has high insulation, same applies to the area beneath the hotplates, and this makes the AGA energy efficient. 

Cooking with an AGA

Cooking with newer AGA models is effortless, and the results are very pleasant when it comes to precise cooking temperatures. This is different in comparison to conventional cookers and massively rewarding when you get it right, but you shouldn't rush straight in with baking soufflés until mastering the temperament of your oven. 

It is, however, good to learn to cook from scratch with a sprinkling of instinct. Recipe books come handy, but most are written for conventional ovens and cookers. Despite the dials in all ovens and precise temperature controls, we automatically do adapt to recipes that suit with time. The variations in AGA are obvious, and that makes the difference. As the AGA is constantly producing heat and ready to use at a moment's notice, you could save time and effort when you are cooking with an AGA.

Investing in Gadgets

Adding a gadget to fit your cooking needs is not a bad idea. Since older models of AGA cookers don't have a built-in thermostat, an oven thermometer can bring you close to preciseness. Until you learn the timing of your AGA (or plan to supervise your food closely), we would recommend a timer to prevent overcooking any oven recipes, such as stews and baked goods.

oven thermometer

Welcome to your new lifestyle

Knowing your AGA range cooker can be compared to falling in love. You will find the nuances and quirks through your journey of discovery, while at the same time there are incredible features that will give you a fuzzy and warm feeling inside. AGA enables you to do a variety of things besides cooking. You can dry your shoes, clothes and other things (even pets!). Roasting and baking is effortless in their appropriate ovens, with the constant radiating heat which means fluffy cakes and juicy meats- even if you roast it for hours.

You'll discover that it is something family and friends can gravitate to, especially when it is cold. There's something comforting in leaning against AGA with a hot cuppa whilst you are having a catch up. An AGA can add a social aspect to the kitchen and bring the family together.