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Your AGA Cooker

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  • 26-09-2018
Your AGA Cooker

Making The Most Of Your AGA Cooker

Since it's invention in the 1920s, AGA cookers remain a favourite of many families up and down the country. An AGA cooker works on the basis of heat storage; the central cast iron casing stores and transfers heat to the rest of the oven and hotplates. Much like a campervan, owning an AGA is a lifestyle-changer. Due to it's unique property, an AGA is a heat source that can be utilised for different purposes in the home other than preparing meals. Whether you are new to owning an AGA or a veteran, we have put together a quick list of handy tips to help you make the most of your AGA.

Warming your kitchen 

During winter, one can hardly survive without a central heating system. But did you know it is possible to keep your kitchen warm without a radiator? The gentle heat emitted from the AGA is adequate to keep your kitchen warm. This welcoming warmth means the end of chilly morning and due hesitation to make breakfast.

Keeping drinks and other dishes warm 

With an AGA, you don't have to worry about letting your drink go cold. If you receive a call or need to step away, all you need is to place the mug of your favourite drink on top of your AGA. Once back, you will find your drink still warm and no need of rewarming. The AGA top is an ideal place to store your gravies and sauces ready to serve. The warming oven is ideal for warming plates and keeping food warm for later.

Drying your clothes 

Use the cooker rails to hang your clothes. The heat emitted from the cooker is enough to dry the clothes. Hang your clothes at night, and in the morning you can enjoy crisp dry clothes. For an extra tip, fold your shirts and pillowcases before resting them on the simmering lid to save on ironing too.

Warming your pets 

Though there have been stories of shepherds using the warming oven to revive hypothermic lambs, we would strongly recommend against putting your pet in the oven.  In the cold winter nights, you can place their beds close to your AGA to take advantage of the warmth of the cooker. It's also ideal to help dry your pet after walking in the rain or after a bath.

Preparing cooking ingredients 

Whether you want to melt butter, warm bread flour before baking or melt chocolate all this can be done by using the gentle heat emitted by your AGA. Any task that requires gentle heating in your kitchen, utilise heat from your AGA cooker. 

Loosen metal screw top jars 

You can easily open the lids of metal jars by placing them lid-side down on the top plates of the AGA. This helps the metal to expand so you can quickly open them (don't forget to use a kitchen towel so you don't burn your hands).